Creating Beautiful Interior Textiles from Outdated Technologies and Materials

(2) Table Runner visual 04/03/2009

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(1) lamp visual- for website

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Blind fittings

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Here is the prices for blind rails – it’s quite expensive, but we could make the actual structure of the rail from wood – cheaper and more environmentally friendly!

the link to this is:



Website 03/03/2009

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I thought I would let you know what I had in mind for the website, I won’t be able to do something as shinny as this but you get the idea.

Also attached is the Image I would like to use for the scroller, it’s just a prototype so let me know what you think (it’s in the Media Library)


Potential Markets… 01/03/2009

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I’ve been doing some research, and the type of shops that I think would sell our type of products are:



The Conran Shop


John Lewis

House of Fraser


and similar shops that sell to more upmarket customers eg 30+ year old professionals with disposable income.

Also – none of these stores sell any items that resemble our products – niche tastic!



mission statement draft 2 27/02/2009

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Mission statement.

At ReĀ³, it is our goal to create unique objects of great personal and sentimental value from existing and occasionally obsolete materials and technology.

In doing so, we will be assisting the environment by:

  • reducing unnecessary disposal of potentially harmful materials
  • countering carbon emission
  • increasing the lifetime of materials and products
  • re-using existing materials with innovative manufacturing processes to create engaging products

    Through this venture we hope to shape current opinions on sustainability, with a view for a better future. We hope to demand more from product design, and play a part in the drive towards customer satisfaction; for the environment, for their home comfort, and for their wallet!


    How to Make a Duct Tape Corsage and Flowers 25/02/2009

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    A nice way of making ordinary materials beautiful. From