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Jo’s personal statement, for website 07/03/2009

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here’s my statement, to go in the About Us bit of the website:

Joanne specialises in spatial design. Her portfolio spans an array of projects, including exhibition design for the Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge (2008), public installations, a regeneration plan for a public space in Dundee City, the re-vampof the Liar Bar in Dundee City, and a theatre set design for a production of Jean Genet’s The Balcony at the Mumford Theatre, Cambridge (2008).

Added to this she also has a background in Art Direction and film and theatre production, contributing to such productions as Hard Candy (short film, 2008), The Dead Man (short film, 2007), The Shoe Shop (television sketch, 2007), and Ashgirl (play, 2008).


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