Creating Beautiful Interior Textiles from Outdated Technologies and Materials

Notes from our meeting 18 Feb 19/02/2009

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–    Recycle tarpaulin or canvas; from agricultural / horticultural / promotional uses
–    Use business plan as outlined by Jo
–    Public workshops: filmed, and shown on website
–    Certification: similar to recycled symbol
–    Prototyping begins on Monday 23 Feb

Business plan:
Industry invests cash in designers > designers have more scope to experiment > design studios facilitate workshops with public (consumers) > consumers’ feedback is used to identify trends in the market > feedback to industry > industry creates products in response > better sales> percentage of profit  goes back to design sector of industry.

Result: = designers are more innovative = greater degree of creativity among the public (educates a better appreciation of materials, recycling, sustainability, waste management..) = industry survives credit crunch = market serves consumers better.

Workshops we run:
–    Drawing classes
–    T-shirt printing
–    Weaving / knitting
–    Paper making
–    Writing workshop
–    General stupid, simple, fun activities – Blue Peter style!
–    We can approach new markets in their own territory; e.g. design workshops in Gyms, Cinemas, Schools, Nightclubs

Jobs for coming days:
–    Create a logo
–    Brainstorm a brand name
–    Create a website
–    Prototyping
–    Get advice: Cultural Enterprise Office; Hamid

Next meet-up: Wed 25 Feb
–    Decision on brand name, market, price, mission statement
–    View prototypes
–    Amendments to website


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