Creating Beautiful Interior Textiles from Outdated Technologies and Materials advice 17/02/2009

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Packaging currently makes up around 18 to 20 per cent of your household waste. Reducing the amount of packaging you consume – and recycling more – can help shrink your rubbish and minimise damage to the environment. Choosing products with less or no packaging may even save you money.

Think about packaging when you shop

There are lots of ways you can use less packaging, such as:

  • buying concentrated products and refill packs instead of fully packaged products – this can save you money too
  • buying non-perishables in bulk – items like toilet rolls and soap powder are often available in larger sizes which use less packaging
  • buying items with a ‘best before’ date in bulk – but only if you can consume them before they go off
  • buying fruit and vegetables loose rather than in packaging trays or boxes – buying only what you need means you tend to waste less food
  • avoiding highly packaged items
  • looking for packs marked as light-weighted that use less packaging

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